Philodryas viridissimus

Latin name: Ophiophagus hannah
Family name:
Common name:
King cobra
Size (average adult): 
3,9 meter
Origin of my animals:
Captive bred, adults are Indonesia 
A wide variety of terrain; open and closed woods, near water and hilly terrains.
In collection since:
Total animals:
Breeding results:
Not yet

Experience with them:

I bought the first one as a baby, from a breeder in Germany. I raised the young by hand, force feeding baby snakes and baby mice. 
A tough job that required a lot of time and patience. But we made it and he grow up to atleast 9 feet at the moment. In the years I learned it to feed on mice, chicken and rats. Depending on how much hunger it has, otherwise I rube some dead snake on the rat and he will eat it anyway. 
The other male I got from an other collector. It was already subadult and was only used to eat snakes. So we had to get it to eat rats aswell. 
More info will follow...

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