Philodryas viridissimus

Latin name: Erythrolamprus jaegeri (Bibron, 1854)
Family name: 
Common name: 
Jaeger's Ground snake
Size (average adult):  5
0 centimeter
Origin of my animals: 
Captive bred, adults are unknown.

Species in collection since: 
2003 / 2019
Total animals (at the moment): 1.1

Breeding results: 

Experience with them:

I bought these 1.1 from a saleman at Hamm. They where tiny when I bought them, much smaller then there ages told me. At the moment I feed them very small frogs and petfish (guppy). They als accepted tuna (canned).
In 2003 I have imported this species from Paraguay, in that year I also bred with them. After a few years this species left my collection. Since then I missed them :), but here they are again. It's a nice 'great' active snake, very curious and a good eater.