Philodryas viridissimus


These are the species I have in my collection at the moment:



Coelognathus radiatus

Dolichophis schmidti maleDolichophis schmidti


Hydrodynastes gigas

 Liophis s modestus male

Liophis sagittifer modestus


Lystrophis pulcher


Philodryas mattogrossensis

Philodryas olfersii cb2017 

Philodryas olfersii

oligodon purpurascens 

Oligodon purpurascens "Timor"


Ophiophagus hannah


Oxyrhopus rhombifer bachmani 

Oxyrhopus rhombifer 

Oxyrhopus rhombifer inaequifasciatus 


Oxyuranus microlepidotus