Philodryas viridissimus


Bungarus fasciatus

This specie loves to get a nice little snake as a meal

Philodryas patagoniensis

This little b*tch thought that it could be nice if I eat mine little sisters. Believe me, I was not happy when I found out that she eat 2 sisters in 1 week. On the otherhand, she did grot very well :)

Ophiophagus hannah

This little king didn't want to eat snakes by her self, or anything else. So I started to forcefeed it with dead snakes. After a year it decided to start feeding on snakes by her self. I was happy with the fact that I could stop with forcefeeding, don't want to think about feeding it when it is getting bigger then 2 meters.

Pseudoboa neuwiedii

This snake from Surinam was a very good looking animal. When thes animals are young they look like young Clelia clelia and just like them they love to feed on snakes. So feeded this one with dead and alive snakes, she even took babymice when rubted over another snake for the smell. On the first pictures you see she is eating a African Housesanke and on the other pictures she is feeding on a dead Liophis.

Trimeresurus hageni

But also arboreal vipers like to feed on snakes, that is what I learned. I had young born babies. They where placed in a small tank and one of them coundn't wait on the frogs and took a little brother/sister.